Client sectors

Our technical services extend across every animal related emergency situation, and we are engaged primarily for government and corporate organisations. Total Fauna Solutions are specialists in delivering solutions across industry sectors which include:

Government / Council / Corporate


From urban pest species detection and management to rural livestock, rescue, ground transport and relocation, Total Fauna Solutions work with government partners, local councils and corporate clients Australia wide. The client base in this sector continues to expand due to the diligent work, strong work ethic and discreet manner of approaching every situation.

Emergency Services


Alongside Fire and Rescue NSW, NSW Police or other emergency agencies, Total Fauna Solutions are called upon as the experts to assess risk, determine solutions and relieve animals under stress. Swift water rescue, technical animal rescue, flood and fire rescue as well as relocation after displacement from habitat are just some of the key areas of expertise that the team operate in, employing speed and efficiency in every emergency.

Compassion is key and the team are known for assessing every situation along with efficient and resourceful solutions to assist wildlife in danger or need.

Wildlife and Welfare organisations


Whether it’s, rescuing a koala during a bushfire from the branches of a eucalypt or saving a kangaroo that has fallen into a full flowing water-way; arranging and delivering emergency food to wildlife after a major environmental event or , Total Fauna Solutions brings a wealth of expertise in native wildlife care, detection and safety services to wildlife and welfare organisations nationwide.

Setting Total Fauna Solutions apart is Slade’s empathy and commitment to putting the animal first and foremost when it comes to any decision made for its health and welfare.