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Case studies

Animal rescue, recovery and management are part of our every day. From relieving animals under duress or at risk in natural disasters, under stress or in pain, through to implementing a control strategy, we will do it efficiently and humanely, for the best outcome possible.

Every scenario comes with its own set of challenges, here we’ll be sharing a little of what shapes the day for Slade and the team at Total Fauna Solutions.

2022 NSW Floods (Wisemans Ferry)

WORKING FOR? Department Primary Industries/Local Land Services RESPONSE Amid rising floodwaters, loss of communications and power, limits general access and continuing inclement weather conditions, Total Fauna Solutions were tasked with the assessment of impacted...

2019/2020 Bushfire Evacuation

WORKING FOR? Wildlife organisations, Department of Primary Industries, Local Land Services, Local Councils. RESPONSE Total Fauna Solutions worked for a period of six months, contracted to fire affects areas searching for wildlife. RESOLUTION Following catastrophic...