Rescue. Recover. Resolve.

Assessment before outcome.

With animal health and wellbeing at our core, we are known for our resourceful, compassionate and professional approach to every situation.

As experts in the animal management, Total Fauna Solutions are called upon for everything from relocation of livestock from a flood event, the technical rescue of trapped animals or assisting with native wildlife, through to efficient and discreet vertebrate pest management.

Total Fauna Solutions offer integrated assessment and outcome response services including Emergency Response across:

  • Animal relocation
  • Animal rescue services
  • Animal trapping
  • Contract shooting
  • Pest species detection
  • Risk assessment & management
  • Swift Water & Flood Rescue
  • Technical animal rescue
  • Tranquilisation and darting
  • Transport logistics
  • Vertebrate pest management
  • Emergency Management and Deployment capability

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